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Metro is dedicated to supporting Filmmakers with Promotion, Screenings, and Distribution. 


How we got here, and where we are now.

Over 5 years ago filmmaker Dean Lachiusa hosted a Multi-Media Competition on social media called "The Most Beautiful Zombie." It was a great success. As a reward to the winning participants, Lachiusa produced a movie by combining the Facebook and Flicker submissions with music. Called "Zombie Pix," the 60 minute movie was downloaded 15,000 times via the online Distributor "VODO." To further leverage this success, the Metro website was introduced and Connected TV venues were used. 

SPBTV in Europe/Asia streamed Metro content in foreign territories, and Roku channels streamed Metro content domestically. To further support Metro's family of filmmakers, it partnered with developers to launch an Amazon Fire TV channel under the "Movies Plus" brand. 

Metro then ran a Short Film Contest on Social Media, and this generated content of multiple types and genres. The best films were compiled into 30 minute movie called "Best Short Films" and screened on Connected TV (CTV) to the "Movies Plus" audience base of over 350,000* Amazon Fire TV subscribers. This is when Metro finally began to see itself as more of a Festival rather than just a series of Short-Video Contests.

*2019 Subscriber based is over 500,000 and we expect a million subscribers this year.

Although Metro's efforts proved highly successful on social media and on CTV, the website at was chosen to best represent all of the opportunities available. This led to a rebuild of Metro into it's present form as a fully functional Festival.

Participating filmmakers are encouraged to take advantage of the success they earn through Metro. Metro supports its filmmakers by awards, publicity, and promotional video streaming through proven distribution partners and TV-APPS. Metro's latest Roku channel is "Film Fest Best." Metro listens to the needs of the Indie filmmaker and it follows through.


1. Comply with the selection conditions and official rules.

2. Early-Entry's are inexpensive -- we suggest you visit FilmFreeway to enter asap. 

3. A Nomination made on behalf of a Filmmaker merely puts a film on our radar.  And we require the filmmaker to officially enter via FilmFreeway. 

4. Online Submissions only. No mail entries are accepted at this time. 

5. The online form is for SUGGESTIONS and NOMINATIONS only. Filmmakers must use a submission service to officially enter the Fest. 


Submit your film with FilmFreeway

Metro Film & TV Awards proudly accepts entries via, the world's best online submission platform. FilmFreeway offers free HD online screeners, unlimited video storage, digital press kits, and more. Click to submit with FilmFreeway.

Submit with Film Festival Life

We encourage committed filmmakers to submit via FilmFestivalLife. With monthly subscriptions and pro accounts FilmFestivalLife is the smartest way to save money with a strategic approach. Join the platform where award-winning filmmakers and quality festivals meet.

Submit your film with MoviBeta

More than a Foreign Film Submission service, MoviBeta is the place for filmmakers who create great International content.

A new partner is coming soon.

Another partner is coming soon. Metro aims to partner with those you trust, and those who are affordable.  We do NOT make a cent from Submission Partners or services like Blogs and other methods of referral.



Thanks for taking step one, we'll contact you/filmmaker after we review the content.


The Metro Film and TV Awards

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